Vision, Goals & Objectives



To establish world class forestry assets in timber plantation or natural forest, creating a profitable, environmentally sustainable company that contributes to the social and economic development of the region and utilizing advanced forest management practices, while protecting the environment and involving local communities. Our management will lead to sustainable economic activities in the forestry and wood processing sectors, improving local livelihoods, and ensuring sustainable management of the forest, soils and water resources.


  • Maximize investor return on investment by increasing the asset value of the forest plantations through technically advanced forest management technologies.
  • Ensuring professionally managed forest operations that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, paying careful attention to the factors influencing plant growth, and deploying advanced forest management information systems.
  • Adopting FSC Principles & Criteria for well-managed forests as a guideline.
  • Promoting human resource development by creating a highly motivated and professional workforce.
  • Investment into efficient and technologically advanced downstream processes to complement and maximize profits of its forest operations.